Velocity Conference 2014

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Patrick Lightbody's keynote from the 2014 O'Reilly Velocity conference in Santa Clara, CA. The challenge with traditional performance optimization work is that it's rarely clear if the effort is worth it. Sure, you can shave 5% off some page load or transaction time, but how do you know if the work required to do that was worth it, or if there was some more valuable work you could have spent your time on? This question is something New Relic customers asked themselves every day. This is why New Relic built Insights, a database that can query over billions of individual interactions with your software. With this newfound power, you can begin to drill in on only the problems that affect your most important customers, ensuring that your performance optimization efforts have a great return on investment. This keynote is sponsored by New Relic. About Patrick Lightbody (New Relic): Patrick came to New Relic after founding several startups, most recently BrowserMob (acquired by Neustar), a cloud load testing and monitoring service. Previously he's held management and engineering roles at Jive Software, Gomez (acquired by Compuware) and Cisco Systems. Patrick is an avid open source contributor, most notably helping launch the Selenium browser automation project and Apache Struts 2.0. He's also published two books on open source development. Patrick holds a BS in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego. Watch more from the 2014 Velocity Conference: Find out more about Velocity: Don't miss an upload! Subscribe! Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - Follow O'Reilly Media:

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