Web Directions Code 2012

In just 30 months, node.js has gone from an obscure toy to the most watched devel­op­ment plat­form on Git­Hub. Once the next stable ver­sion ships, sig­ni­fic­ant focus will move to improv­ing the community-driven eco­sys­tem of mod­ules, mak­ing it easier to nav­ig­ate and con­trib­ute. In this talk, Jed will intro­duce the two faces of NPM, the offi­cial node.js pack­age man­ager: NPM the eco­sys­tem, for find­ing exist­ing mod­ules and devel­op­ing and pub­lish­ing your own mod­ules, and NPM the tool, for man­aging and stream­lin­ing node.js work­flows for your own projects.

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